The Korean Wave, also popularly known as the Hallyu, has spread widely across the globe with the Korean popular culture becoming one of them most beloved pop cultures among Asians. The fresh and trendy K-pop has been reaching new heights since the digital age boom from Youtubes to the music videos to drama and the movies. This phenomenon has undoubtedly manifested in the rapid rise in demand of Korean products and cultures all over the world.

At Gyeonggi Business Centre, we are please to assist Korean SMEs venturing into South East Asia markets. Gyeonggi Province has long served a key role in the development of Korea through its strategic location and vibrant economy. It is also home to world-leading enterprises such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai-Kia. As the fastest growing regional economy in Korea, Gyeonggi is one of the most sought after destinations for foreign investments in North Asia and also, one of the most enterprising region in South Korea with many world class manufacturing and production facilities. Most of the best of Korean products originates from this province making it the epitome trade centre of Korea.

Representing more than 3000 companies from the Gyeonggi province, GBC KL Tradehelper presents abundant business opportunities for local businesses to connect with the region with many of our exciting events and trade missions. Whether inbound or outbound, our missions offers exciting insights into Korean products and cultures and provides many lucrative business opportunities for Asian businesses to cooperate, represent and distribute numerous products from the Korean SMEs.

From knowledge transfer to partnerships forged, many successful cooperations has been forged over the last few years through the GBC platform. With GBC offices worldwide from Sao Paulo, Moscow, Mumbai, Shanghai, Dubai and Shenyang, we are more than pleased to invite you to join any of our happening events and look forward to assist you in any of your trading and sourcing needs from Korea!

Happy Networking!

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