2019 G-FAIR KOREA, the largest trade fair for small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs) in Korea, will be held at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Gyeonggi Province on October 31st & 1st, 2019. Since it’s inception in 1999, G-FAIR has made important contributions to increase SME sales into domestic and global markets.

2019 G-FAIR KOREA will be better than ever, allowing more companies to participate, by diversifying exhibits and by enabling better access and resources for visitors from abroad. As a result, buyers and marketers seeking new products and trading partners will find them at this fair.

Join us for 2019 G-FAIR KOREA and discover just how dynamic Korean technology can be!

Below is our throwback video of our G-FAIR KOREA 2018 to enjoy, cheer!

GBC KL - Korea Trade Meeting and Exhibition

This form is an expression of interest to participate the trade meeting and exhibition organize by Korea Trade Center and we welcome early submission as seats are limited.
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