Don’t miss the Korea Trade Meeting this Coming September 2017!

Date: 26th September 2017 (Tuesday)

Time: 10am – 5pm

(30 – 40 minutes per company based on your preference)

Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Jakarta

Nineteen Korean companies will be in Jakarta this September, looking to promote their products to Indonesia and the Southeast Asian region, to explore business opportunities and to share technology. It will be an exclusive event, meeting the Korean top officials on 1 on 1 basis, and limited seats available.
GTrade KL 2017

1. J FOOD SERVICE CO.,LTD (㈜제이푸드서비스) J food service Co., Ltd was in powder food manufacturing industry since 2010. They have wide range of products, such as premixes,starch, flour,grains and even seasoning.Jfood serve is dedicated to incessant R&D for new products as well as investing in advanced safe food process facility.They aiming to be a leader in powder manufacturing industry and been awarded with “Organic Food Processing”certification.
Serimflavor Co., Ltd adds flavor-making technology that strengthens and complements flavor ingredients based on natural raw materials which differentiates them from other companies for manufacturing industry. The R&D institute is continuously developing, enhancing and innovating their existing products as well as new ingredients. The company also acquired halal certification on their products.
(㈜떡찌니 공장)
Dduckzziny is a rice cake manufaturer who use good quality Korean agricultural product to produce healthy Korean rice cake.Dduckzinny is lead the way to healthy food with no preservations and chemical seasoning. Manufaturer produce 3 packaging of stir-fry rice cake, which are original, calcium and cream cheese stir-fired rice cake.Besides, manufaturer also selling franchise concept too.
Golden Citron founded in 1996,who mainly produce of yuzu juice, honey yuzu tea,blueberry juice,pomegranate juice & plum juice product. Golden citron products had been selected award of “2016 The Execellent Product in Seoul”. Manufaturer produce different type of packaging which very suitable for retail and F&B industry.
Spometics Inc. is skincare & cosmetic manufacturer who produce sports specialty functional cosmetics specialized for sport players. The ingredients they use are from Silab research lab in Franch who had been partner with Loreal,Channel, and Dior company. Their product line catogorize to before exercise,during exercise and after exercise.After using spometics skincare, you will not feel sticky, stuffy and more natural look during exercise.
6. WUSU Compnay
The brand “White Time” snail face mask is a dual functional sheet mask- whitening effect + anti wrinkle. This premium sheet mask contains large amont of “Niacinamida” and “snail secretion filtration’ for optimal skin whitening. After using this mask, you can feel your skin moisuturizing, whitening, anti wrinkle and brigntening.
7. HANARIO Co.,Ltd.
Hanario is a manufaturer of natural skincare products.Hanario produce wide range of products,such as contain 16 nutrients hydrogel beauty soap, eyepatch, massage cream, functional cosmetics, mask pack and face wash brush.Most of Hanario skincare funtion is to moiturize the skin.Their new technology product Solu Mieste LED Real Mask ,the special wavelength RED LED light can penetrates into skin within 15 minutes.
DongSung is a distributor specializing in exporting.The big brand that DongSung carry is LG Household & health care brands.LG H&H is the best leading brand  in Korea.Their product lines are hair cares,body cares, women sanitary,baby care,m oral care,fabric softner and home care products ( house cleaning)
Bedael Korea is a company engaged in R&D of a functional food  since 2008. The product that developed by Bedael Korea include for oral intake, for application to the skin, aromatheraphy, and household items which the ingredient is phytoncide, extracted from the native pine tree of Korea: “RED PINE”.Bedel Korea was awarded the “1st brand award of the Korean consumer’s preference level” .
10. DARAE WORLD Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer of eco-friendly detergent, shampoo, conditioner & body wash since 2000. The ingredients that Darae world used are all natural which are herbal and from plant extracts, even their laundry detergent is safety to use for baby clothes. Darae World had get the certicate of Eco-labeling ,Execellent quality and Rohas certifation in 2001.  The company also acquired halal certification on their products.
11.KOREANDI B.K Co.,Ltd.
No.1 OEM/ODM manufacturer in the insecticide Korean market. Through technical cooperation of germany and spain, DBK company is specializing in homecare area products.They had expand to wide range of products, such as mosquito repellent, bathroom cleanser and gel hand sanitizer.
Sangwon company is the manufacturer of saverlock home packaging vacuum system. By using the saverlock vacuum sealer,it can keep the food freshness and nutrients 5 times longer than usual ways. Low Noise design. Saverlock vacuum sealer is suitable for the vacuum package of a various of vacuum sealer bag
and compound bag.
The manufacturer specialized in produce heating and cooling product in Korea since 1998. Farmtech have wide range of products, such as hot pack (for keep warmth when in cold weather), ice pack (for F&B industry,agricultural, meat processing ,fishery food,medicine,and others),hot & ice muffler, vest ,guards,warm blanket and hot fomentation pad (to relieve period pain).
14. STORY4YOU CO., Ltd.
Manufacturer of the brand “S.Chain” which is the first dual RF technology (Sub 1GRF & Ble RF) in the world.This technology  can detect theft and stable operation within 200m in indoor, outdoor and underground.Besides, this technology can makes a warning alarm through the app when the theft is detected by wireless communication with bluetooth.
Dawon chairs was founded in 2001 with manufacture high quality, stylish design and reasonable price chair.Dawon Chairs complies the principle of strict and completed quality of products through ISO certification and BIFMA Test. Based on the ergonomic analysis of human posture and gesture, Dawon Chairs strives to design a creative and comfortable chair.Products such as executive chair, task chair, multi-use chair and lobby chair.
Functional men underwear company.The inner structure of Magic Dunk separates the penis and scrotum naturally, which gives comfort feeling.It has excellent humidity absorption and skin-friendliness with its natural fabric tencel. It prevents against the propagation of microorganisms and minimizes skin friction, ensuring a pleasant and soft wearing sensation.
17. OLKERNY Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer of toothbrush cleaner and toothbrush.Olkerny toothbrush is unique,there have several holes at the toothbrush head, with this holes it can dry faster. For the toothbrush cleaner,it can clean the sweeps through the toothbrush hole.Besides, Olkerrny company get 1st place certificate of Excellent Economic Patent Competition in 2016.
With the motto of “More Interest, More R&D, and Social Service”, Daekyung Electronics was established since1996. With this experience,Daekyung manufature wide range of products,like infrared ray therapy and different type of delivery vehicles-carts which can use in medical, hotel,restaurant, industrial and beauty industry.
Next pump company is a manufacturer of liquid pumps, such as metreing pumps,metering dispensers, two phase dispensers,medicine metering pumps and even can according customer requirement to produce OEM pumps. The ceo of next pump company is major study in chemistry and have more than 10 years experience in pumps industry.

The one-day trade event will take place at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Jakarta on Thursday, 26th September. Interpreter service is provided for non-Korean participants, so no worries…