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  • cosmetic organizer 01

    Artworks Corp.

    Artworks Inc is company which produce BeauBar, a Cosmetic Organizer. To satisfy the customers with good quality and design continues to develop, produce.

    BeauBar Cosmetic Organizer Case is Finished products assembled. The assembly is different from other companies. Early 20s, good quality and price, loved by women. Afford 360-degree rotation can be used in small spaces. The top part is detachable. Lots of storage in a variety of color cosmetics is very spectacular.

    Size : with 30cm x high 30cm x length 30cm,

    color : white, pink


  • imine 00


    Soothing aqua collagen hydrogel mask

    It is a hydrogel type mask in which collagen, a protein to keep skin moist with nutrient and moisturized energy supplies nutrient to skin to create smooth, elastic and bling-bling skin. -Excellent adhesion and moist hydrogel mask reduces skin temperature with cooling effect and soothes tired skin to give tension, vitality and elasticity.

  • Lip-manicure


    Company Item

    Lip Manicure/ Lip Topcoat / Black Head Brush Cleanser / Quick Hair Tint Brush

    Item Specification

    Lip manicure(7color) : The color itself as manicure with long-lasting effects! It will be my own signature with perfect coloring. It is a new generation of lip fixer which is N.E.V.E.R removed until evening. The outstanding lip color will boost your pride up!


    Black Head Brush Cleanser: Outstanding cleaning effects for pores

    Brush allows impurities in small pores to be cleaned neatly, and making your skin soft.

    Feeling grips in the hands It’s a handy size that helps you comfortably use it when cleansing, and hygienically handle it.


    Quick Hair Tint Brush (Black / Brown) : New coloring product that covers gray hair. It’s brush type or mascara type and will dye your gray hair immediately. You can go out without shampooing.


  • Mobinus


    Mobinus is a vibrating face washing machine

    Item Specification

    1. All in one: Cleansing, Massage and Makeup with i-Touch
    2. Silent and soft vibrationwith a special motor designed for beauty device.
    3. 2 Modes :Multi-wave mode and Normal mode

    – Multi-wave mode : Variable vibration effective for cleansing and massage

    – Normal mode : Consistent vibration effective for makeup

    1. Perfect and soft cleansingwith the extra fine brush
    2. Excellent qualitywith reasonable price

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