Don’t miss the Seongnam-City Trade Meeting this Coming June 2017!

Date: 15th June 2017 (Thursday)

Time: 10am – 5pm

(30 – 40 minutes per company based on your preference)

Venue: Grand Millennium Hotel KL, 2nd Floor at Millennium 4,5 & 6 Function Room

Ten Korean companies will be in Kuala Lumpur this June, looking to promote their products to Malaysia and the Southeast Asian region, to explore business opportunities and to share technology. It will be an exclusive event, meeting the Korean top officials on 1 on 1 basis, and limited seats available.

GBC Seongnam TM

The Korean participants include cosmetic manufacturers like TheYufit Co., Ltd and KY Korea Co., Ltd which offering wide range of trendy Korea beauty care and beauty cosmetic which able to attract all ladies user. There are also Korea manufacturer which provide functional type of skincare products using natural ingredient and herbs effective against photosensitive, eczema or facial flushing such as Mineralhouse Co., Ltd, Stem Cell Beauty Innovations and Ecocation Co. Ltd.

As for technology, there are Good3D G-Printer which manufacture a revolutionary 3D printer having better 3D printing quality, much faster printing speed, longer lifespan and easy navigate. Other than 3D printer, IT-One Co., Ltd providing a Global Positioning System technology solution incorporate with their developed smart devices. It had the smart solution to create an e-environment such as Smart School’, ‘Smart Home’, ‘Smart Office’, ‘Smart Car’, or ‘Smart Leisure’.

Eyes problem had been a problem to most of the people regardless of age nowadays. You had been exercise your body and have you exercise your eyes? Izon a company notice the needs of improve eye sight by having an eyes exercise thus they invented Izon Eye Exerciser Apparatus. The company received Health Innovation Grand Award before from World Invention Award Festival to accredit their invention.

Last but not least, there are 2 others manufacturer which related to food. One is a supplement manufacturer and another is raw food ingredient/natural flavoring for manufacturing line. They are  NXS, Inc., manufacturer of diet supplement derive from wheat grass and kimchi (Lactobacillus Plantarum), probiotic and supplement which good for eyes. With Halal certification for raw food ingredient/natural flavoring, SerimFlavor Co., Ltd that established size 2008 providing a wide range of its product with can be categories into Halal Food Flavors, Food Ingredients, Fragrances and Cosmetic Ingredients.

They all are part of the Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Centre. Gyeonggi is the biggest state in South Korea with the largest concentration of brilliant product manufacturers and high technology companies like Samsung, LG, Hyundai and KIA. The Koreans are looking for potential local business partners to assist them in distributing/manufacturing their products either through exclusive marketing, joint venture or investment into Malaysia set-ups. 

The one-day trade event will take place at the Grand Millennium Hotel, KL on Thursday, 15th June. Interpreter service is provided for non-Korean participants, so no worries…